Mission & Vision


GICO is a company created to provide the national and international market of meat products of the highest quality and safety, designed to please the changing and specific dietary needs of consumers. Also we provide services of the industry to different customers of bovine and porcine national industry.

  • We want to be recognized by suppliers , customers, employees, neighbors and authorities , as a company that is committed and contributes to the development of Livestock, Meat Industry and its Community through its production and business management.
  • To generate an atmosphere of warm and highly effective work 
  • Have product lines with brands that are recognized by consumers as high- quality and safety
  • Establish a committed and happy organization aligned with our bussines partners interests, with a healthy and highly efficient; Commercial, operative, Logistic, Technical and Financial structures.

Along with the strategic pillars, the values of the Company are incorporated. These are the moral foundation that directs our activities:
Loyalty; ethics; Transparency and honesty in everything we do; Excellence in everything we take over; and assertiveness in what we communicate and agree.



The strategic pillars are critical elements for managing:

  • AVAILABILITY: We will strive to have always available the products required of our customers in the time required.
  • ACCURACY: We are committed to fulfill all that we offer and achieve the high standards of operation and excellence so that our customers receive what they expect, as expected and with the value they expect.
  • FAIR PRICE: We will provide our best efforts to always offer our products at competitive and fair prices that generate confidence expected by our customers
  • ALLIANCE: always seek the best partners to offer highly competitive and high quality that reflect our concern to always be at the forefront of the industry products.
  • ADVICE: We will make every effort to best advise our suppliers, staff and customers in everything that we investigate to make them better, more participatory and competitive in the industry in which we operate.