GICO: one of the best slaughterhouses in Central America

GICO, is a company committed to our excellence and quality. Our qualities, values and good manufacturing practices (GMP) constitute us as one of the best slaughterhouses in the country and Central America.

Among the qualities that characterize us, is the constant care of quality in all our processes and products, as well as the commitment of our human resources and our customer service. Likewise, we emphasize our implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and animal welfare practices, such as promoting comfort and maintaining excellence in every moment of the handling and processing of cattle. Our cattle comes from the best farms in Costa Rica, and is characterized by the best genetics.

Our infrastructure is another of our strengths, as it allows us to process our products with excellence since the arrival of the animals to our world class standards in terms of quality cold-optimal temperaturas, for the conservation and freshness of the finished product .

Our facilities have the capacity to slaughter 350 cattle and 200 daily deboner process. Our facilities incluides, corrals, slaughtering area, chiller cooling (cold room), deboning room, packing, freezing and cooling tunnels.

Among the advantages of our system of work for our distributors and retail customers are:

  • Animal Welfare Practices that promote ethical treatment of animals
  • Cattle of the highest quality from the best farms in Costa Rica
  • Quality control at critical points (HACCP)
  • Constancy in our production.
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